Podcast 7 – Making Common Sense out of Crazy Exercise Fads & Whether They Really Work?

June 25, 2017

Making Common Sense out of Crazy Exercise Fads & Whether They Really Work?

Included In The Discussion:

  • Do “Fad Exercises” have any redeeming qualities?
  • Can Fad Exercises affect the biochemistry of your body?
  • Does having a passion for your choice of exercise help you stick with it?
  • Do the latest trends in exercise mirror our fast lifestyle and short attention span?
  • What are Boutique Fitness Centers and are they here to take over?


Introducing Our New Segment – The Side Note!

Where we discuss crazy topics that are currently trending in the news! You are going to love this! 😀


Mentioned in the Podcast:

Classic! Ellen And The Shake Weight! Okay, so I WAS right! This was on the daytime TV show, Ellen! Hilarious! It was also featured on Saturday Night Live, but this is family blog suitable for all viewers so if you’d like to see the SNL parody skit, you’re going to have to Google it yourself 😉

1945 Body Shaping Machines. Thank goodness we have come a long way since then! Though some do look relaxing 🙂

Now don’t get us wrong, the Simple Fit Board (Twister Broad) looks like it could be fun, but we’re not convinced that it is the latest breakthrough gadget of the fitness world! We’ll let you decide…if you’d like to purchase your very own, just click HERE!

What is your opinion regarding breastfeeding? Do you believe it is natural?

If you don’t like what the scale says, then do what this dog does in the following video from Pet Collective on Facebook! LOL! (Read more about the scale controversy HERE)


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